Chemical Toilet

Chemical Toilet

Meet the future of sanitation

A chemical toilet is a toilet that uses chemicals to minimize odours. They do not require a connection to a water supply. The holding tanks are emptied using a hand pump, hose, and bucket. Why chemical toilet? The innovative design of chemical toilets means they need no connection to a water supply. That means they`re perfect for off-the-grid locations, or any place that has limited access to water or electricity.

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Benefits of chemical toilets

A chemical toilet is a bathroom that does not need water or a septic tank. It collects human excreta in a holding tank and uses chemicals to minimize odours. They do not require a connection to a water supply.

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Get a clean, fresh, and hygienic toilet experience

Jyoti Enterprises is the best-known supplier of chemical toilets.

No smelly toilet smell in your bathroom anymore

Chemical toilets do not require a connection to water supply and hence the bathroom will be free of smelly sewage smell. Our products use a state-of-the-art odour control system that prevents any unpleasant smell from getting out of the toilet.

Get rid of all your worries with one click

Your worries about bathrooms go away when you buy our product as you don`t have to do anything else other than pushing a button which automatically flushes the waste and brings all the freshness back into the toilet for your next use!

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